How to grow your penis, 3 methods!

How to grow your penis? Well, we all know it grows when we see something we like, woop woop! Problem is that there are plenty of guys out there that are not happy with the way it grows, or to what size it grows. They all want to know how to grow your penis!


In this blog I would like to highlight 3 different methods on how to grow your penis. Cock rings, Penis pumps and Penis exercises. These 3 methods have different results and therefore people use them for different reasons. First up are Cock rings.

How to grow your penis through cock rings.

Unlike penis pumps, and penis exercises, cock rings have a temporary effect. Cock rings are put on the base of your penis. This maximises the blood stream and will give you a harder and fuller erection. In addition, wearing cock rings will also increase the sensitivity of the penis and add to the sexual pleasure! Unlike, with the usage of Penis pumps and penis exercises, the penis will go back to the normal shape after using cock rings.

There are so many different cock rings out there, but my favourite brand is Oxballs.

A selection of Oxballs cock rings



How to grow your penis through the use of penis pumps.

Penis pumps, much like penis exercises, are often used for the more permanent changes in penis size. There are various penis pumps and a selection of penis pumps are showcased in previous blogs. The main thing to remember is that when aiming for permanent changes, or growth, you need to repeat the exercises regularly. The only way of how to grow your penis, is to at least use the penis pumps a few times a week. Out of our selection of penis pumps, this is my recommendation.

Penis Pumps from Toy Joy



How to grow your penis through penis exercises.

Cock rings, check, penis pumps, check! That leaves penis exercises as the final method of how to grow your penis.

Penis exercises are much like using penis pumps, in the sense that you really need to keep them going. There are many exercises and a good one to start with is the Jai stretch. Penis exercises really do work. Do lots of them, and do them whenever you can, and you will gradually see the difference. On our blog site there are plenty of penis exercises and other advice on how to grow your penis. In the meantime, I would recommend using cock rings to get the penis full and hard. Investing in penis pumps that suit you would certainly be something I’d recommend. Combine all these together and you will find yourself going towards the penis you like.


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