How to grow your penis, try this cream, or maybe not!

Well now I have seen it all. I know there are cock rings, penis pumps and plenty of penis exercises but we now also have a cream to grow your penis. How easy is that!  How to grow your penis……just cream it up it seems.

Stimul8 Penis Enlargement Cream 50ml.






The packaging tells us to just apply an amount of cream, and massage thoroughly into the penis for prolonged pleasure. Then it goes on to say that the exclusive ingredients make an erection last longer. Does this mean we have found the answer to the question on how to grow your penis? and is it the end to penis exercises?


STIMUL8 Cream 50mls will help to maintain a bigger, harder erection and will make your penis longer, yeah!! No more penis exercises to make the penis grow longer….result!

The combination of ingredients increases the blood flow and the widening of erectile tissue in the penis. STIMUL8 Penis Enlargement Cream is massaged into your penis to promote better blood flow to the male genitals, improving the quality and strength of your erection. The penis cream is easily absorbed to improve penile tissue expansion. This helps to increase the size and girth of penis in both your flaccid penis size and erect penis size.

The producers recommend massaging the product in daily for best results. I have not tried this product nor do I know anyone that has. Because of this it does not yet get our seal of approval. I get the impression that whilst applying the cream they are encouraging you to do penis exercises but with some cream. This implies to me that if you stick to your penis exercises and just use a cream or Liquid Silk you will get the same result. We are going to test this product and will come back to you with the results. Is this the new way to grow your penis?

In the meantime, the actual way of how to grow your penis that we know works, is to stick to the penis exercises and carry on using the penis pumps.


As confirmed above, we only attach the esmale name to products that we know are working and at this moment Stimul8 is still in the testing process.


Do you know how to grow your penis? or know of any good penis exercises? If so, please e-mail us at


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