How to grow your penis?

How to grow your penis? This is for many people, the million dollar question.

At esmale the most observed subject line in e-mails to us, is, besides we love you esmale of course, how to grow your penis? We often advise on the use of penis pumps or other gay sex toys. In reality, the question should not always be, ‘how to grow your penis’, but how do I get confidence in the bedroom. A lot of guys that ask the, ‘how to grow your penis’, question, actually have a normal size penis. Erect, a normal penis size is between 6-7 inches which is around 16.5 cm.

If using penis pumps is not your thing, and the temporary effect of cock rings is not what you after, and you really feel the ‘how to grow your penis’ question is relevant to you, then there are penis exercises you can do.

Penis exercises are a method to growing your penis. All you need is 25 to 35 minutes of your time. If you do the penis exercises every other day, you should see growth after a while. The penis exercises are designed to force blood into your penis. This will gradually expand your penile tissues. The various penis exercises that are shown in the various blogs on esmale will give you the answers to the ‘how to grow you penis’ question We would also recommend using the penis pumps and maybe even a quality herbal enlargement pill. This is just to make sure everything is going as you want it go, and it will also assist in the healing of stretched and expanded tissue during rest days.

It will take some time to grow the penis, and this will be the case whether you use penis pumps, or do penis exercises. So you have to be patient and most importantly, be disciplined, as you have to keep at it. Try to build in a routine that suits you and is easy to maintain for you.

So we have answered the ‘how to grow your penis question’. Now you need to decide which route works the best for you. There are surgeries you can opt to do but I would recommend trying penis pumps and penis exercises first. Try using gay sex toys in the bedroom and cock rings are also helpful for a harder penis. It is all about being confident and allowing yourself to have fun!

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