Gay toys, up my bum, yum!

Hi it’s Dave again here, gay toys guinea pig extraordinaire!

I did not get my wish, boo hoo! I asked the esmale gang to send me a Tenga or Oxballs cock ring.  Any kind of cock rings would have been cool, or at least any kinda gay toys that would involve my penis! Nope…out of all the gay toys in the world they gave me ……….a large butt plug! A butt plug from Domestic Partner –  size…LARGE! Ouch, better get my Liquid Silk out!

Domestic Partner-Starfighter Large Butt Plug










Thanks esmale biatches! I have used a butt plug before, but as far as gay toys go, it was not entirely what I was hoping for. Maybe I will get a Tenga next time. The size of this butt plug was big and it made me wonder what the butt plug is actually for, not that gays toys need to have a purpose other than fun, but because it was so big, the fun element was not directly apparent. I did some research and my interpretation was not entirely correct. This butt plug was for fun indeed. I have used smaller ones on nights when I knew I was most likely going to have anal loving, and using a small butt plug before, would just ease that process. This was, in my mind, the reason these gay toys were invented, live and learn!

A Butt plug is also used to give a feeling of fullness in the anus, which adds to erotic arousal and leads to an incredibly powerful orgasm, for both men and women. For men, butt plugs massage the prostate. Check me out, fountain of knowledge on gay toys! So in my new job as gay toys tester I was in for some serious prostate pleasure. I checked to see if I had enough Liquid Silk, which I did. I always have a little 50ml bottle of Liquid Silk handy, although I might need some extra this time!

After some heavy lubrication, and after I treated my bum to a smaller butt plug first, it was time for the Starfighter butt plug to enter. A few huffs and puffs later, and lashings of Liquid Silk, it was in. It really felt like I had a full anus, but in a sexy way. I was in a comfortable position and started stroking my salami. Whilst doing so, I was gently rocking my hips to increase the feel from the butt plug in my bum, and it was seriously rubbing my prostrate. After a while, this intense sense of having to finish came over me, and with some heavy stroking and rocking I arrived to a spectacular orgasm! Gay Toys tester, best job in the world!

For seriously good anal fun, start with a small butt plug, and work your way up to what feels good to you! Lots of Liquid Silk and off you go! It beats watching telly if you ask me! This prostate massaging stuff really feels good.

If you have gay toys experiences that you would like to share, I am sure they won’t mind hearing them at the esmale offices, so send a mail to  As long as you are not going for my job, gay toys tester extraordinaire!

Big love


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