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At esmale we have experienced a surge in new gay toys that will help you pleasure yourself, the so-called cock toys. This is the area of gay toys that seems to be expanding. One of our favorite brands of gay toys is Tenga, and now also Fleshjack. Like Tenga , they have really embraced and optimised the wanking experience.

A very popular version of the Fleshjack is the Icejack Jack Ass. It has a Speed Bump inner textured sleeve. As gay toys go, this one is a rather sophisticated version. It’s on a par with the Tenga Flip, I would say.

Fleshjack – Icejack Jack Ass

What makes this, one of the most wanted of the gay toys, is that the ice textures are transparent. This way you can see more of what you do, which is hotter! In addition, the speed bump texture is totally pleasurable. It gives increased sexual stimulation across the whole shaft of the penis. Lastly, the rounded bum looks hot and feels great when you slide the head of your penis between them, nice!!!

This whole range of gay toys are also very easy to clean, store and re-use. Even though the Tenga range gives equal pleasure, at the moment the Flashjack is just a bit more visually appealing as far as gay toys go, but that is just my opinion!

The Fleshjack range, as well as the Tenga range, are available at www.esmale.com. Besides these two brands of gay toys, esmale will have everything a gay man needs and wants to enjoy some sexy fun!

To make sure we always have all the gay toys a man can want, please email  us at info@esmale.com with your experiences, suggestions or anything else you want to share with us, so we can optimise our buying policies.

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