Gay Toys, that hurts so good!

Many gay toys are actually a lot bigger than a penis would be. Not all penis pumps or penis exercises will get you to the size of some of the gay toys out there. You can of course have fun trying!

At we have been looking at some gay toys that are somewhere between pleasure and pain. To find the balance, is to find heaven, and a way to some of the best orgasms, gay toys can deliver.

There are some weapons of ass destruction that in my mind are not even close to any balance. Each to there own of course, but check out these bad boys, OMG! No thank you! Not the type of gay toys that might come close to my behind!






Just because it is fun to look at, here are some more gay toys that I can’t image having in me, but that is just me.






The best gay toys, to find the balance between pain and pleasure, in my opinion, are inflatable dildos or an inflatable butt plug. Some of these gay toys are really good, and you can increase the size by a squeeze of your own hand, and test the boundaries of pleasure vs pain.

The expandable butt plug from Colt, has been good to me in terms of defining what size is, for me, the optimum pleasure size. A lot of pleasure, and a little pain at times, will help to get to the next level of enjoyment.

Colt Expandable Butt Plug









You will need some Liquid Silk, but then all should be fine! This 6-inch rubber plug feels nice and firm when it’s deflated. But when you attach the supplied pumping bulb, and watch it inflate right up to a whopping 10 inches in circumference, what was good, has now become great!

Why have a single sized plug, when this bad boy expands to fit your every need.

Let us know how you measured your balance, and what gay toys you prefer to test your boundaries with! Is there room for a bit of pain when having sex, or do you believe stretching these boundaries should not happen because the human body is not made for this. So many gay toys so little time! Give us your opinion on this topic by mailing us at

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