Penis exercises, how to grow your penis – another exercise.

How to grow your penis! In these blogs, we are looking at different methods on how to grow your penis. We will be discussing penis pumps, penis exercises, cock rings and many other gay toys that will contribute to the question of how to grow your penis.

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Before we start with any type of penis exercises, please make sure you warm up. This makes the stretching and growing of the penis easier, and warming up takes no time at all. When using penis pumps or cock rings , instead of penis exercises, there is no need to warm up.

Today we are talking about ballooning. Besides answering the how to grow your penis question, this enhances the performance in the bedroom. It is devised for you to last longer.

As far as penis exercises go, ballooning are effective penis exercises and can be fun as well. Ballooning, just like edging, involves masturbating and stopping, just before you ejaculate.


  1. Find a good place to rub yourself to get fully erect. Avoid rubbing the underside of the glans and frenulum to start with. Rubbing these areas might give you a quicker orgasm, which we want to avoid.
  2. Whilst rubbing, you should simultaneously do kegels, to increase the blood levels in the penis. This will expand the penis further.
  3. You can also do reverse kegels, this is better known as anal breathing. Gently push the anus out, as if you’re going to pass wind. You will sense that you are doing reverse kegels, as the lower abdomen presses out, similar to a pot belly.

Continue the ballooning for around 20 minutes or more. Some guys do these penis exercises for hours, and it takes longer to get to the point of no return because there is little stroking involved.

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