Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a clean ass.

StreemMaster is a bestselling douche set

The original StreemMaster is a bestselling douche set in the US and a revolutionary douche system that is unlike any other douche or enema, now available at StreemMaster have spent more than a decade of research and development designing this simple, yet highly effective design that I call clever. But the best bit is its convenience and portability, for this it gets the two thumbs up from me.

I appreciate being clean for my men

I tried to raise the topic of douching and choice of douches when out with friends last week only to be met by a wall of silence. It seems it may not be the most acceptable thing to talk about; it is an important thing to practice. Even if you don’t appreciate it at first, someone else just might!

All together the SteemMaster Douche is a great cleansing device no matter what you plan to have up your tight sphincter.

This douche arrives in a larger sized box that includes a clack drawstring nylon travel bag, two removable nozzles of varying sizes, a silicone funnel bag, and a six foot silicone hose with a clamp, so you can choose how much water pressure you desire. It comes with simple instructions that show and explain to you different ways to douche as well as how best to care for and keep your douche clean.

StreemMaster Douche










No need to call a plumber unless you really want too!

My favorite thing about the StreemMaster is its convenience; you are not required to keep refilling the funnel bag with water. Installation is easy, I simply hooked it up to the shower with the clip included (this will work on just about any basic shower head). It takes about a second to hook up, so no need to call a plumber unless you really want too! And less than a minute to remove and clean.

StreemMaster Douche










Don’t forget your lube

Once I had it hooked up, I turned the shower on with comfortable lukewarm water. Don’t forget to put a small dollop of lube on the nozzle (it is going up your bum after all). It has the twelve speed clamp fitted so can adjust the flow rate because the water came out a bit too slow in the beginning. But overall I found the experience comfortable and particularly effective.

Cleaning your StreemMaster Douche

To clean it StreemMaster recommend using soap and water, and it may also boil it at a low temperature. I suggest investing in a toy cleaner. In general this is a great douche no matter what you plan to have up your arse.

5 reasons to buy the StreemMaster douche

  • Simple to set up in your shower – no need to call a plumber (unless you really want too).
  • Adjustable nozzle to select an appropriate flow rate.
  • Comes with a discrete travel bag.
  • Best seller
  • Will work on just about any basic showerhead.

Want to know more about the StreemMaster, our great range of douches, or if you have any suggestions or recommendations e-mail us we would love to hear from you.

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