Butt plug, B51 for those who can handle a biggie.

The butt plug area is one of our most visited areas of the esmale shop site. I always find it a very amusing realisation that there are literally thousands of guys that are into wearing a butt plug.

I know for a fact that I have been talking to guys who were totally unaware that I was wearing a butt plug at the time. I find those moments rather exciting, and they do give me a kick.

With all the technology these days, we can see what butt plug is the most viewed on the esmale store site. This butt plug below is not the most viewed, but it is certainly up there, which kind of surprised me, have a look.


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The reason I was surprised that this butt plug ranks so highly, is that it is big. Don’t get me wrong I like it big, but was not sure that so many of you like it this big as well.
This bad boy butt plug is the B51, and has a diameter of 8cm and is 14cm long, so go and get your bum cheeks around that butt plug, ouch! But …….after pain cums pleasure, in the same way that after rain comes sunshine.
I totally made that up just now, I should be a poet!
Made up or not it is true. You will learn to love the B51 butt plug. Just make sure it is not your first butt plug. We have a super butt plug selection for you to choose from. There are Butt plugs for the experienced anal players or even those if you are a butt plug starter.

For those of you that have been around the “butt plug” block, I would say try this one. It will make you scream and smile. It goes without saying that this butt plug needs some serious lube added, but once it is in, let the anal sensation begin.

If you are going to try this bad boy butt plug, we would love to have your feedback. We always want to hear how you experience our gay sex toys, butt plug or other. Please email all your experiences to info@esmale.com

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