Fleshjack, what is your moment?

Fleshjack is one the most amazing wanking tools I have ever used, truth! Not only are the Fleshjack gay sex toys of a really high quality, they truly give you super orgasms.

Fleshjack have several sleeves available, so you can choose the Fleshjack ride that best fits the sensitivity of your penis. Let’s face it, we all like it the way we like and Fleshjack have thought of us all.

My first Fleshjack was the original one and I have never stopped using it. It still really gets me off. But as with most things, everything evolves and so has the Fleshjack. The one that does it for me now is the Fleshjack Vibro, A M A Z I N G! They have only gone and put vibrating bullets in the Fleshjack…totally the hottest thing ever. The texture of sleeve in this Fleshjack is nice and nobbly so you are in for a good bumpy ride with some extra vibes to it, kershing!

Fleshjack vibro

The Fleshjack is very easy to use and clean so you can use it as often as you like. For those of you that like to get rid of your morning boner just have your Fleshjack buddy ready next to your bed, slap some lube on your weapon, slide on the Fleshjack and off you go. Mornings have just become your favourite time of day.

Maybe you are the type that likes to offload after a busy day. Fleshjack will be there waiting for you ready for action. Fleshjack will soon become your best friend. I have even named mine, but maybe I should not be sharing that type of information as it could come a cross a bit sad, haha.

Anyway, don’t just take my word for it. Have a look at the Fleshjack area on this site and see which Fleshjack floats your boat, click here. If you use the code BLOG15 when you check out, you will get 15% discount on your Fleshjack or any other purchase.

For those of you that already use the Fleshjack, we would love to know what your favourite moment is? In the office there seems to be a lot of morning love for the Fleshjack. Whatever yours is we would love to know, so please email all your Fleshjack moments to info@esmale.com. If you want to we will publish your Fleshjack stories on our site. Enjoy the moment.

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