Butt plug, orgasmic heights!

Lads, guys, bears, twinks, muscle studs and all other gays in the world, I have found the butt plug you will wear with love, lust and pride! A butt plug has not often taken me to these heights of orgasmic joy!

Butt plug heaven

This butt plug comes with a latex cock cage on it, which makes it super special. The butt plug also has the functionality of a prostate massager so it is a complete multi-tasker.

The first time I used this butt plug, I was not too sure to start with, but once the butt plug had found its place in my bum and the latex cock cage was firmly holding my erect cock, it felt really special. The butt plug was already giving me sensations and I had not even mounted my catch of the night yet.

I pulled this little twinky guy and he was gonna get it, but as I was riding him it became all about me, my butt plug and my cock cage. It just felt so good and it was all new for me and as I was riding him I was getting myself to new orgasmic heights, BOOM! This butt plug is brilliantly shaped and really gives great stimulation to the prostate. The combined feeling of the butt plug and the cock cage is great. The only downfall of this butt plug was that the guy was unfortunately completely neglected. It could have been anybody as I became the most selfish lover, but my goodness it felt so good! I can imagine using the butt plug cock cage construction when I am on my own.

This butt plug comes with my full recommendation, not that that means anything, but still, this butt plug has given me a few super experiences that I think most guys will love!

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