Butt plug, the one on everybody’s mind.

When we talk about a butt plug, I am always on the fan side. I love a butt plug for many reasons. If you have been reading these blogs you will known that some of us love to use a butt plug in public. It really is fun to do, the perfect secret!

Today I wanted to have some extra focus on the type of butt plug that seems to have captivated the mind of many gay sex toys users, it is the butt plug that is attached to a cock ring.


Butt plug spark plug form Oxballs.



In this image we have one of our favorite brands Oxballs, they have a whole range off butt plug – cock rings construction. The butt plug is connected to the cock ring via a tubular shaft that sits comfortably in your butt crack. It really is the combination of feelings that this butt plug construction provides you with.

Whilst giving you a massive hard-on tat will please anybody, you also have the butt plug in your bum, giving you some serious anal stimulation. The sensation of having your prostate stroked with a butt plug, whilst you are pounding some hot ass is great. This butt plug construction has spiced up my sex life completely. I even like to use a butt plug cock ring when I am on my own in bed. I find it very horny and totally satisfying. Taking the time to enjoy gay sex toys is so satisfying I would advice anybody to give it a go. Once you feel comfortable doing so, you will never be bored again. Whether it is a butt plug, Fleshjack or any other gay sex toys, a bit of self-loving is great, enjoy!

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