Fleshjack, morning and night!

I am a bit of a “wankaholic” if that is even a word, but basically I can help myself 2 or 3 times as day. Now that I have discovered Fleshjack it has only gotten better or worse, it really depends which way you look at it!

Fleshjack in the Shower!

It has gotten better because now that I have my Fleshjack, I have the very best wanks EVER. It really is like sex and I am in control. The Fleshjack that is my total favourite is the Fleshjack Ice. I have the mouth Ice Fleshjack or whatever it is called. All a bit confusing but Fleshjack is Fleshjack. The main thing is that the texture and feeling is so f***** horny, and I want that feeling as often as I can get it. Even when I am running on empty I still need to have that Fleshjack feeling.

The not so good thing is that I am no longer looking hard for sex with others. The Fleshjack is at the moment all I need and want.

I love waking up and slowly sliding on my Fleshjack; it is the best way to wake up. The Fleshjack feels solid, secure and totally tantalises the penis. I have set my alarm 20 minutes early so I can have my Fleshjack moment and it really gets me out of bed with a big fat smile, thank you Fleshjack.

All that Fleshjack needs to do now is to have an “on the go” one that I can take to work with me. As I said earlier I am a bit of a “wankaholic” so I am not adverse to a quick one in the toilet at work. I know you might think it is disgusting but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do, BASTA!

I usually end the day as I start it with a nice Fleshjack session. The morning session and the Fleshjack sessions at night are completely different. It is a slow and gentle start in the morning but in the evening it is much more of an aggressive lustful one,  the perfect way to fall asleep!

The above Fleshjack review is a slightly edited version of a note we got in our mailbox earlier this week. We love getting mail, Fleshjack or any other gay sex toys related, please keep them coming to info@esmale.com

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