Anal beads, boom boom pow!

Anal beads can make you howl like a wolf at Halloween!!

Boom boom stands for the way anal beads can enter your bum gradually and with a great stimulating sensation. Put some lube on the anal beads and push them in one by one. All the booms stand for anal beads going in and when they are in, it is nice to work the anal beads. You can play with yourself or your man. The POW stands for when they come back out. Now the reason it is POW for me is because I like them to be pulled at once, hence howling like a wolf. Do not do this as a first timer, but work your way up to it. I would also suggest starting with small anal beads. Once you have enough anal beads practice, give it a go and you will not be disappointed. I like to pull out the anal bead one second before I orgasm and the whole street will be hearing me!

There you have it, my favourite way to use anal beads.

Anal Beads, by Toy Joy.

I particularly enjoy the anal beads from Toy Joy. The size is perfect for me and I like the material. It feels nice when they are in. The handle makes it easy to manoeuvre the anal beads, which is a great plus point.

There are other ways to enjoy anal beads. The anal beads from Domestic Partner are a bit bigger and I like to just slowly penetrate my manhole with these. The sensations are super and there is great anticipation when these anal beads pop out.

Anal beads from Domestic Partner


The anal beads from Domestic Partner are 20 inches long and have an insertable length of 17 inches, so that is some serious anal play. Make sure you have plenty of lube when these anal beads enter your pleasure hole, otherwise you will be walking funny all week.

So whether you like it slow or if you are more BOOM BOOM POW, anal beads are super fun and they will give you some seriously hot anal pleasure. The anal beads mentioned in this blog are flexible so they can reach your prostate as well.

Come and check out the anal beads treats we have in the store for you at the moment, and you will not be disappointed.  If you are disappointed, please email us, as we would like to know what to do to make it up to you. Do we need a bigger range of anal beads or is there something else you would like to see changed? You can reach team esmale on or just call us on 0800 111 45 49

As it is Halloween today, I am going to swap my anal beads for some cock toys and give my manhood a trick and a treat!

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