Penis pump, the Toy Joy success

The penis pump from Toy Joy is proving to be a bit of a surprise success in the esmale store.

We have seen orders from the UK, Europe and the USA, all for this blue penis pump.

We have noticed that not everybody uses a penis pump for the obvious reason. We were assuming that most guys use a penis pump to grow their penis, but that seems not to be entirely true.

Some of you have responded with great enthusiasm on how the penis pump is also a great instant satisfier. A guy from Spain mentioned that he is using it with his partner and they love to see the size of each other’s penis grow when using this penis pump. It is very horny seeing someone’s penis growing knowing that you are going to go down on it soon, saucy or what.

Penis pump From toy joy.

This penis pump is effective and increases the blood flow to the penis making it harder, longer and also gives it more girth. This power penis pump has a soft touch seal so it is very friendly in its usage. There is also an air release system in place so you are in full control on the strength of the vacuum the penis pump creates for you.

Because this penis pump is so quick and easy to use it makes it ideal to use just before engaging into action.

The feedback you guys have given us on this penis pump has allowed us to source some similar ones, that are all available now at the esmale store. Have a look and see what penis pump meets your needs.

If a penis pumps is not the method of your choice, we also have creams and pills that give you great stimulation and performance enhancing qualities.

Now that the store is open we have had great interest in the penis pump and we are very thankful of all the mails we have been receiving, so please keep them coming.

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