ID Lube, 2 of our favourites.

ID lube is one of the biggest lube brands in the world and we are delighted we have the best representation available in our store at the best prices. Have a look to find the lube that works best for you. Below, are two of the ID lube collection that are very popular with good reason!

ID GLide Lube


ID Glide lube is formulated from carefully selected and high quality ingredients. ID glide is a water based lube and specially focussed to enhance the pleasure and comfort, so all you have to do is focus on the task in hand which is enjoying yourself and each other! The ID glide lube feels really natural and it is a non-sticky lube, which is a bonus in my book. This lube has been recommended by doctors and is safe to use with condoms.  This lube is also great with your gay sex toys, a real all-round lube. ID Glide lube comes in various sizes from a small travel lube to a whopping Gallon of lube. Indeed a gallon, almost enough to have a bath in.

The second lube is ID moment.

ID Moments Lube

ID Moments is a relatively new addition to the ID lube brand. The focus of this lube is that it has been developed to enhance the sexiest moments. This lube stays silky for as long as you need it to. This is the perfect bedside table lube. It is amazing to use when having wank. I like using this lube with gay sex toys as well. There is the slightest hint of a fresh apple odour with means you can’t smell your gay sex toys, which is a bonus!

Like ID Glide, the ID Moment lube range also comes in many sizes although you can’t get this by the gallon. ID Moments lube has my preference, as it really is great and very sensual. I use it with all my “self loving” and it has my full recommendation, whatever that means.

Little strange fact:

Did you know that all the water based lube from ID lube can be reactivated with a quick lick or spritz of water? The lube lasts long enough anyway but just in case, you can reactive it, how brilliant is that!

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