The penis pump parade!

At the esmale office we are totally overwhelmed over the product that seems to be in most peoples mind, the penis pump! With this in mind, we thought we will do a little penis pump parade to showcase some good ones. It is a bit like Pride but all to do with the penis pump.

First up we have a big penis pump, and when it comes delivered through your door you might think OMG, but seriously this penis pump system is good, and I mean G.O.O.D!

Penis Pump, Colt Vacuum pump system

The super hero amongst penis pump systems! Serious high-pressure metal vacuum pump with EZ grip padded handles. The penis pump has a professional vacuum gauge and a durable 2 inch clear cylinder with a, non-crimping hose and a universal interlocking quick disconnect valve. Lastly it has also got a hygienically superior Silicone sleeve.  This penis pump construction will last and most importantly it will work. Definitely worth a try if you want to grow you penis.

The second penis pump in this parade will be the precision pump. A penis pump that will get it going on strong! I am unsure why this penis pump is called the precision pump. It might be to do with the fact that it gives you the rock hard manhood you precisely wanted, lol!

Penis Pump, Precision Pump

The last penis pump, and thus closing the penis pumps parade, is the world’s first pliable penis pump.

P3 Pliable Penis Pump


This one is the first penis pump of its kind and is pliable. It is made of soft material and gives you extra comfort. The results are equally good as the other ones in the penis pump parade, and therefore the P3 pliable penis pump is my winner. It provides great results and is most comfortable.

If this penis pump parade has not provided you with the penis pump that you are after, please email us at

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