Jock strap, freeing up those buns!

At the esmale office we have always been known to love a jock strap! There is just something about a jock strap that makes a man look even manlier. The first time I ever saw a jock strap I was in the changing room at college. Now, maybe I was somewhat naïve, but I had no idea what a jock strap was till then. When I saw this guy in his jock strap I realised what I had missed out on. I think my jaw literally dropped when I clapped eyes on the guy that was wearing the jock strap. I was a “closet gay” at the time and was very aware that I was staring at this guy’s beautifully shaped buns, supported by what I later learned was called, a jock strap.

From that moment on I was hooked. It took me some time to actually buy a jock strap for myself but I could not stop fantasising about guys in jockstraps. I guess I have now developed a bit of a jock strap fetish! The first few times I wore a jock strap, I did it secretly. I am not sure why, but I guess I was not confident enough or something.

These days it is very different. I buy a new jock strap every month and wear them almost all the time. I love freeing up my buns the way a jock strap does. One of my favourite jock strap brands is BIKE. They have been makers of the jock strap for many a year and have become brilliant at it. A BIKE jock strap will give you plenty of support and will at the same time be comfortable.

Bike jock strap

If the jock strap range of Bike is not to your liking, then there are plenty more. These days most underwear lines will have a jock strap selection available. In our store we certainly try to provide you with the jock strap that we know will look good and sit well. We are extending the collection whenever we see a jock strap range worth investing in and will have them available as soon as we can.

If you have suggestions on a jock strap range you want us to stock please, send an e-mail to and we will check them out!

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