Lube, str8cam lube are here to stay!

What a way to find a new lube! I was having a look at twitter @essentiallymale and came across an image of a rather good looking piece of man. Go and say hi to @str8cam and you will see what I mean.

After further inspection it appeared that behind @str8cam was a guy called Jeff and one of his interests is lube. Not any lube though, this is lube that looks like cum. How hot is that! Anyway, I thought, he sells lube and we have a super gay sex toys blog site, this could be a great match. Especially since we are opening our online store soon.

Before I could tweet Mr lube he had beaten me to it by recommending the str8cam lube to us. We gladly took the recommendation and requested samples of the lube. It arrived in the week and this lube is very uniquely packaged. Rather than going for the clinical packaging many a lube go for, Jeff has decided to get in on the action himself, as he is on the packaging. I think this is clever as he is a good-looking lad and most people would not mind using the lube on him! Look at this image and you will know what I mean. Hello Mr Lube, can we come and join you?

Jeff, Str8cam lube



We got two samples of the lube. The lube came in two different sizes, a 236ml bottle and smaller 59ml bottle of lube, perfect to take on your travels.

Str8cam Lube 236ml

Now that we have the lube, all we need to do is sample it. As soon as I have tested the str8cam lube, I will write another blog to let you how it was. For now, I will leave you with another image of Mr lube himself. If only we could test the lube on him, but I have a sneaky suspicion that Mrs Lube will not be too happy with that. Oh well, I will just have to use my imagination.

Jeff, Str8cam lube



I wish we got all our lube this way. If you would like to know more about str8cam lube, please e-mail us at

We are soon starting our newsletter, where you will get all the news on lube and all other gay sex toys we will be carrying in our new exciting online store!

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