Prostate massager, it will make you sing!

I have recently discovered the joy of a prostate massager and I have Aneros to thank for that. If they had not sent us a sample of the Aneros MGX prostate massager, I would have never even contemplated using one.

A prostate massager looks so small I thought it would do nothing for me. Not that I am a size queen, but they do look very small. Anyway, after my first prostate massager experience I knew I wanted more. Aneros do a great selection that you can buy from our store, so I selected another Aneros prostate massager from

After looking at the esmale selection I went for the following prostate massager, Aneros Progasm – White. All the stats are in the image below.

Aneros prostate massager

I know I said that I am not a size queen, which is totally true. That said, I have chosen the largest prostate massager out of the Aneros selection! It wasn’t just the size that drew me to the Progasm prostate massager, but it features a newly designed round perineum tab and also has a Kundaline K-tab. After looking up what that means, I can tell you that this means extra sensations up and down your back. These sensations are complimentary to the stimulations it will give your prostate. This sounds like a prostate massager with something extra, just the way we like it!

I must say that after using this prostate massager it did not disappoint. It actually made me produce all sorts off weird sounds whilst using it and I am normally quieter. Before using this prostate massager I put plenty of lube on it, which is what I would always recommend. Please make sure the lube is a water based lube like Liquid Silk or Swiss Navy!

So Aneros score another home run and I certainly recommend the Progasm prostate massager, very nice indeed!

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