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We have done a few blog about penis pumps and it looks like we will do a few more as the responses are great. People are using our suggested penis pumps with good results and that is exactly what we want. Here is an example of a review we got for penis pumps. This one is regarding the Bathmate penis pumps selection.

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For the last 7 days I have been using penis pumps for at least 20 minutes each day. In the beginning I was very happy with how it all went. These penis pumps are easy to use and the instructions I could understand. Now all I wanted from these penis pumps was results. With regards to these results I have had mixed feelings I must say, but good overall.

Without question my flaccid penis is longer and also thicker then before which is great to show off with in the changing rooms. The growth through using penis pumps was about an inch and it felt great, no complaints at all! My erect penis has also grown but not as much as I had hoped, maybe my expectations where too high or I have not used penis pumps long enough to get the results I want. I have noticed when using penis pumps is that I gain an inch in length and also in girth. The girth tends to stay but the length comes down to almost my usual erect length when I remove my penis from the penis pump. I am not sure why that is.

I am going to continue using penis pumps, as I know penis pumps can be successful and that patience is the key. I have developed a great little routine which I love. Rather than having a shower, I have a bath with my bathmate and have a good session. Bath time does take a bit longer but if it gets me the penis I want, I will just have to deal with that for a while.

Penis pumps have made a difference for me and I am hoping to get even more results. I do no longer feel so uncomfortable in the changing rooms in the gym and that means a lot to me, thank you penis pumps! One other positive side effect is that I shoot further now, which is kinda cool. I am not entirely sure if that comes through penis pumps usage but the timings seem to indicate that.

These are the results we at the esmale HQ love to hear! So if you have used any of our recommended gay sex toys, please e-mail us your review and we can post them on our site if you like. We can do that anonymously just like this one. You can send your reviews to

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