Oxballs, can it get any better!

We have done a few blogs on the Oxballs range already, including Oxballs Nutt Sling, Oxballs Splitsling and Oxballs cock rings, which are all much loved gay sex toys within esmale HQ.

Oxballs are certainly making anal toys like you would not believe! Their shapes and size are so imaginative, I am wondering what they are on whilst designing them.

Some shapes are a bit too extreme for me but I am sure they are not extreme enough for others. When it comes to anal toys everybody has their own threshold and preferences, and Oxballs have an anal toys selection that covers both ends of the spectrum!


Bent Gay Dildo by Oxballs

Look at these anal toys above, the bent gay dildo by Oxballs is a typical example of what makes Oxballs so unique. The shape is one you will not find in any other anal toys, and yet I can imagine that many guys will find it extremely pleasurable to have these bumps in their anal toys, as it makes the experience more intense. It might look a bit extreme but as long as you have a douche, plenty of lube and know your own limits, you are going to love these Oxballs anal toys!

Bent Gay Dildo by Oxballs


This is the black gay dildo by Oxballs, which seem the most commercial one as far as I can tell. I have always wondered why anal toys or any gay sex toys for that matter come in different colours. Oxballs have a huge variety of colours. I understand black and the “flesh” colour, but what would be the benefit for a green or orange one. I have yet to understand why we have all these colours. Do you have an idea if these colours mean anything or if it is just so they look pretty? If you know, please e-mail us at info@esmale.com.

We are always looking for new anal toys to share with you, and are hopeful you will use some of our reviewed products like the bent gay dildo from Oxballs. If you want to be kept up-to-date with all of our findings, experiences, and get the best offers in gay sex toys world, please sing up to our newsletter!

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