Now that we have started stocking the jockstrap as one of the stable products on esmale, we have been doing some proper research into the world of the Jockstrap and this world is sexy, funky and cool!

In my mind the jockstrap was more functional than anything else. Wearing a jockstrap when out sporting makes a lot of sense, but now I have come to realise that wearing a jockstrap is more fashionable than I thought. Well known jockstrap brands like Bike and Calvin Klein are now being challenged by jockstrap makers Modus Vivendi, Barcode GBGB and many more.

Jockstrap, Modus Vivendi


Jockstrap, Barcode

Jockstrap, Calvin Klein

For me, I am a fan of the Barcode jockstrap range. They are very sexy and comfortable. Maybe that is because the images and guys they use in their photography is rather excellent!


Jockstrap, Bracode

Jockstrap, Barcode

If you want to wear a jockstrap on a more daily basis you would have to find one that is comfortable. The traditional jockstrap that consists of a pouch and 2 butt-cheek straps, tends to chafe into the groin after a while, so I would not suggest wearing that one to work.  If you really want to wear a jockstrap regularly and for longer periods of time, I would suggest a more speedo type style although the pouch on these are often rather small, and it could feel a bit tight down there.

The best thing is to have a good look around on the esmale shopping site and try a few different ones. Our selection will provide you with jockstraps that are great for sport, where others are great to show off in a club or sauna. We have some seriously sexy ones, great for seducing your partner or catch of the day!

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