Aneros Prostate Massagers: Bend-over and take it like a man!

If you’re a ‘Top’ kind of a guy, and you think cumming is all about spunking up your man’s back, we applaud you. No, sorry, what I meant to say is think again!

We have found the James Bond of all sex toys and its name is Aneros! This range has been quietly building up a huge fan base with gay guys exploring their prostate massager toys in the USA.

Well, I wanted to see what all the fuss is about so decided to give one a ride and give you guys the low-down. And let me tell you this prostate massager put a whole new spin on the male orgasm.

To be honest when I received my Aneros I was a little disappointed, it wasn’t much to look at, hard, smooth and plastic were my first thoughts. It was quite big, so if you’re not familiar with sticking things up you bum I recommend you opt for one of the smaller Aneros models and remember to use plenty of lube!

Friends across the Atlantic recommended Aneros and it has had many mixed reviews, some guys got no sensation, whilst others really got off on it. So I was a little nervous and apprehensive before use, but followed the instructions, used plenty of lube, and took it real slowly. As instructed I tried a few different positions, clenching my anus, then relaxing. I was rocking back and forth for nearly 25 minutes before ‘WHAM!’ I had an orgasm AND … I didn’t ejaculate. But before you laugh, listen this orgasm lasted longer than a ‘normal’ orgasm. It was very strange to say the least – but absolutely amazing sensation.

The Aneros range of prostate massagers have been designed to be used hands-free, your Aneros male G-spot toy should be lubricated with a water-based lube and then gently inserted into the anus with the curve facing forwards, towards your stomach. Leaving your hands to concentrate on the more important matters at hand…

In fact it’s the strangest feeling and I can’t quite put it into words. It is more intense orgasm that you feel from inside, I actually went blind for a few seconds. I can’t wait to get on my Aneros again and trust me you have to try this bad-boy.

Guys listen up, it has been well documented all over the world that prostate massagers have many noted health benefits and the guys at Aneros have created a huge range of different stimulating shapes, and the Aneros brand has become one of the top names in prostate toys, leading to demands for products from all over the globe.

We are flying the Aneros flag here in the UK calling all gay guys (top or bottoms) to ride the Aneros train to p-spot paradise! And the guys here at esmale are very proud to have this great range of prostate massagers in our selection of gay sex toys.

Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros Prostate Massager

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