Happy Pride guide, get your essentials.

This weekend is Gay Pride in London and Madrid. Can you imagine how much lube and gay toys are sold and used today! I had a look in town this morning and was in one of the gay toys stores in London and everybody in the queue, at the till, was holding a sachet of lube and other gay toys, great! This weekend is all about living and loving, to be gay and be with the gays.

There is something about Pride that brings out the naughty side in many gays. There is plenty of drink flowing and I guess being surrounded by so many other gays in town, brings out the hunter in you. No wonder the lube and gay toys are flying out.


I remember my first Pride, oh my goodness, I was so overwhelmed by it all and totally loved it. For me Pride had not much to do with gay toys and I was certainly not brave enough to buy lube in a gay toys store. For me it was all about being with my friends and being able to feel free, gay and not intimidated. It felt like totally belonging, it just felt right! This great positive feeling is what I believe the essence of Pride to be!


Be gay, be proud, and love your fellow gay in every way!


Now that I am a bit older and experienced, I have actually gone to the gay toys store that I never would, and got myself some lube. You never know what the day will bring and lube and condoms are the essential gay toys for a day like today!

I am meeting my friends in town and I will be having a few drinks plus a good look around to see what is happening. I love people watching, so that is just what I will do, with a sneaky pint in my hand and armed with my gay toys, just incase I see that person worth spending my lube on, LOL!



Enough blogging now, London Town here I come.


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