Do penis pumps work?

Looking online on how to grow your penis, you must have come across plenty of websites selling penis pumps as a great tool on how to grow your penis.

Penis pumps can be tricky things, and because you are going to be using them on your penis, it is no wonder people often come to us and ask if penis pumps work, and if they are safe, before buying one.

Well the answer is not as simple as you might want it to be. Penis pumps do work but you have to use them as per their individual guidelines. This is very important. Do not over use penis pumps and certainly do not pump too hard!

I would certainly recommend using penis pumps in conjunction with other penis exercises.

One of the penis pumps I have had good feedback on, are the Aqua Blue Bath Mate:

Aqua Blue Bath Mate Penis Pumps








They are easy to use and because you are actually having a bath when using them, it means that you are really taking the time and patience to use the pump, which is, in my opinion, the best way to use penis pumps.

Whilst in the batch it might be good to do some other penis exercises and give your penis a good slow stretch.

I believe that penis pumps do work, as I have had first hand positive feedback, but there are plenty of doubters out there. Most of these doubters are however trying to sell something else and here at esmale we are only wanting to inform you, as all the products that might also enhance you penis, are also available on our site, which allows us to be objective!

We always want to hear what your thoughts are on our blogs. Do you use penis pumps and want to blog about it? Please let us know. Maybe you have bad experiences with penis pumps, which we also want to know!  E-mail us at and for all the latest offers on gay sex toys, please sign up for our newsletter.

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