Egg-cellent Tenga Male Masturbation Toys

Pop them in your pocket, or hide them in an egg carton.

I want a TENGA hen

I think of myself as a young guy who has a strong appreciation for the art of jacking-off, so when I recently discovered the TENGA Egg (from Japan), I knew I had get it on. Now I really want my own TENGA hen!

Don’t be surprised if they were mistakenly put in the fridge.

My first impression when presented with the transparent box of 6 eggs was how sleek and discreet the packaging looked. In fact they looked more like Easter eggs than sex toys. If you accidentally left this on the kitchen table don’t be surprised if your flatmates mistakenly put them in the fridge.

TENGA eggs stretch to fit any size penis

With this in mind; I looked at it with a puzzled expression “How is this going to get me off?” Luckily for me, it comes with instructions. And once you’ve unwrapped the egg and removed the sachet of TENGA lube, I soon realised the sleeve is super stretchy and features a rounded end with a continual patterned interior that stretches to completely cover any size penis. It’s easy I simply added the enclosed pouch of TENGA lube, popped on my favourite porn and enjoyed all the sensations each TENGA Eggs had to offer.

My favourite…

With 6 different textures to choose from, I didn’t know where to start.

Each TENGA egg offered a different texture and its own unique sensation. My favourite was the Clicker egg; it was made up of a series of interior bumps that deliver a heightened very intense tactile sensation to the head of the penis that almost brought me to my knees.

What really makes this range of male masturbators so great is

Twister egg was a close second, made up of a series of horizontal ridges spiralling almost like a whirlwind inside the egg. To get the most out of the Twister egg I suggest just slowly twisting it over your penis as you move it up and down, I guarantee you’ll be squealing as you climax.

But what really makes this range of masturbators so great is that you get to try each design for yourself.

The Ready-to-go-right-now orgasm

Tenga eggs delivered the best ready-to-go-right-now orgasm. The TENGA Egg Box contains all six TENGA Egg Onacups; I think you’ll have a hard time choosing your favourite. As an added bonus these little beauties were designed for single use. However, with careful use, cleaning and more lube, my TENGA Egg was good to go again and again!

5 reasons to buy a Tenga Egg

  • Discreet – It looks more like an Easter egg.
  • The safest sex you’ll ever have.
  • Perfect travel companion.
  • TENGA eggs stretch to fit any size penis.
  • A masturbation innovation from the geniuses at TENGA

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