East meets West as tenga the number 1 best-selling male sex toy make their way to esmale.

…Guy looking for NSA, Discreet fun 😉

What I love most about my Tenga masturbator is that it comes with no baggage and definitely no headaches (just a head rush!). Best of all this handy, discreet, pocket-sized beauty gives it to me when I want it, wherever I want it, and how I want it! Get ready, guys now you can have it all – amazing orgasms without your ‘significant other’ having anything to worry about.

Introducing Tenga

The Japanese brand Tenga Onacups is really just artificial anal canals in a plastic cup like packaging (onacup in Japanese). Not sexy! I hear you cry. This range is made up of different models; each model features it’s own unique sensation.




A little Tenga history

This range of masturbators is affordable; they feature an amazing state of the art design that looks far from cheap and tacky (trust me I’ve seen a lot of male sex toys and masturbators). By 2007, Tenga had sold more than 2,000,000 onacups and was quickly crowned the most popular toy in Japan.

Tenga Onacups

The Tenga Onacups ranges are single-use masturbation toys that feature a cleverly molded silicone canal (that feel just like the real thing), with lubricant already in the chamber. P.s. here’s a little tip; wearing a condom and not spilling your load all over it’s interior the first time you use it means you may be able to take the Tenga for another run. But remember to reapply lubricant to ensure maximum pleasure.

Tenga Flip Hole – the first Tenga re-usable masturbator

In 2008 Tenga introduced the Flip Hole, its first re-usable onacup masturbation toy, The Flip Hole featured a unique design that literally “flips” open allowing for easy cleaning. The Flip Hole includes three unique Tenga lubricants and three sensations to choose from.

Tenga Lotions and Lubricants

Tenga has released a total of four lubricants (or lotions as they prefer to call it).

These lubes are formulated to work in perfect harmony with any Tenga sex toy and allow you to choose the one best for you. All packaged in modern, discrete 170 ml. vials. They are:

“MILD” for a more tender sensation.

“REAL” imitates the touch and feel of more natural lubricants.

“WILD” does exactly what it says on the tin. This lube is sticky with a touch of menthol for an added tingly sensation.

The EGG Lotion is the lubricant included with the Tenga Egg products.

5 reasons to buy a Tenga Masturbator

  • The Tenga Masturbator feels just like real oral action.
  • No mess, just cum and throw.
  • NSA fun
  • Creates unparalleled tightness for a sensationally realistic blowjob experience.
  • Discreet, travel companion!


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