Kiotos Cox Dildos now in stock!

Kiotos Cox Dildo

We’ve had several people ask us whether we will be stocking the Kiotos Cox dildo range at Esmale – and we’re proud to report that we now have 12 dicks in stock ready for your or your partners bum!

Coming in pink flesh or a sleek black colour,  there’s everything from a six inch starter to a couple of amazing dongs to have you doing double duty or even sharing the fun! Check out some of our faves below…

Kiotos Cox Dildo 017 – Black – 6 Inch

Kiotos Cox Dildo

Shaped just like the real thing without the scary size of some larger dildos. This six incher has a suction cup base to give you an amazing ride!

Buy Kiotos Cox Dildo 017 – Black – 6 Inch here

Kiotos Cox Double Ender 025 – Flesh – 12 Inch

Kiotos Cox Dildo

If you want size, now you’re talking! It’s 12 inches in length and a decent thickness, with the double ender great for when both partners want to take it!

Buy Kiotos Cox Double Ender 025 – Flesh – 12 Inch here

Kiotos Cox Double Dildo 030 – Black 7.5 Inch

Kiotos Cox Dildo

If you’re feeling greedy, then this Double Dildo is for you. More stuffing than in the Christmas dinner and a more impressive package than Santa could ever give you!

Buy Kiotos Cox Double Dildo 030 – Black 7.5 Inch here

Kiotos Cox 010 Dildo – 9 Inch – Flesh

Kiotos Cox Dildo

This incredible 9 incher is an incredible length with a realistic veined shaft and gorgeous head that you can also practice your blow jobs on. No balls mean more dick can go in and the suction cup makes this one ride to remember!

Buy Kiotos Cox 010 Dildo – 9 Inch – Flesh here

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