Liquid silk, making me take it.

It is thanks to Liquid Silk that I am able to enjoy anal toys and anal pleasure in general. If it was not for the famous Liquid Silk lube brand, that finger would have never slipped in and I would have still been an anal pleasure virgin. Let me explain a bit more on how Liquid Silk has changed my live. This sounds almost like a sob story sound bite from the Xfactor, LOL. Here is a Liquid Silk bottle so you know what it looks like.

Liquid Silk lube 250ml bottle.

Right, so I pulled some guy on a night out in town and I must admit I was rather proud of myself as he was a bit of a stud muffin! When we got back to my place things happened rather fast and before we knew it I had the Liquid Silk ready and was preparing to mount my conquest. One of the great things about Liquid Silk is the pump. It makes Liquid Silk very easy to use. For some reason I had screwed the pump lose on a previous occasion and what happened was that the bottle fell and we were covered in Liquid Silk. The moment took us and we were like two Turkish wrestlers rolling, rubbing and wrestling in the liquid Silk. Arms and legs were everywhere and because we were like two eels somehow he managed to slip a finger up my bum. You need to know that this is very unusual for me, as I am a top only. Having had a drink or two and the fact we were totally covered in Liquid Silk, made the experience actually enjoyable. I have since been experimenting with anal play. I am still a big top, but have learned to enjoy the occasional finger or small butt plug up my bum. All this, because of a Liquid Silk bedroom fight! Who would have thought.

At esmale HQ, we love customer stories, like this Liquid Silk wrestling experience. In fact, we wish we were a fly on the wall during that fight.

What are your experiences with gay sex toys? Todays liquid silk story is totally unique and that is what we are after. Entertainment, fun and lots of joy received from gay sex toys!

Bring it on guys, and send all your experiences to

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