Tenga, woop woop!

I have finally been given gay sex toys I have always wanted to test. The esmale HQ guys have sent me a Tenga Flip Hole, result! I have tried Tenga before and was rather impressed. I get a bit confused on which one does what, but I had the Tenga that gives super suction with a soft rolling head. You can control the strength of the suction with your thumb. It was really good, great orgasm!

Got my Tenga flip hole last week and was gonna test it immediately but I’d had a few beers and could not be arsed to read instruction, so just pulled out my favourite wanking tool I use when I want a quick  fix……check it out here

Tenga Flip hole

Back to the Tenga Flip hole. A few days ago I was feeling like a bit of manhood loving and had been horny all day long, so took out the Tenga Flip hole and got it ready and geeezz. There are so many bumps, nodules, nubs and ridges in there, it will drive any man into super lust! Me being as horny as I was, I needed to control myself otherwise it would have been a 10 second job. Thank God the Tenga Flip Hole is reusable, but still.  This bad boy has so many other things it does like you can add pressure on the top, body and base to create an even stronger sensations. I felt like I had a group of hungry jizz junkies collectively sucking my manhood, madness. Unfortunately I was unable to test all the functions as I was simply to weak to resist the urge and it would have sent me over the edge!  But what I can say is that the Tenga flip hole is a top tool, it really is! It is easy to clean and re-use, so even though its is more expensive then some of the other Tenga tools, in the long run it will work out cheaper.

I am hopeful that team esmale is gonna continue with sending me gay sex toys like this to test, happy days!

I am off out now for the night and will hopefully get some more action. If not I have my new friend Tenga Flip hole to get me off!

Big Love,


Gay sex toys tester extraordinaire.

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