Prostate massager, you were the first!

OMG, the store has only been open for a very short time and we have had our first order already! The honour goes to a prostate massager, someone must have been gagging for some anal loving and as we know a prostate massager will sort you out big time.

The prostrate massager chosen was one of our rocks off friends. An excellent choice, they do a very good prostate massager.

The actual product was called the rude boy prostate massager and the colour was black

Prostate massager, our first sale.

What is so great about this prostate massager is that it vibrates and you will get some proper TLC going. Your prostate will love it.  When it comes to prostate massager brands I am always torn. On one hand I am in awe of Aneros as they make them hands free and amazing, like proper amazing. A prostate massager from Aneros might cost slightly more and might need some instructions but all their actual research really pays of, as they are AMAZING!  On the other hand a prostate massager like the rude boys is easier. Stick it in, switch it on and off you pop, niceeeee! Both of them are great but for a special occasion I always revert back to my Aneros prostate massager, made to please they are!

Who is also made to please is our first customer today, we have thrown in some goodies and even and Aneros prostate massager so he can test what his favourite is. Thank you MR V. N. we hope you enjoy your prostate massager and are looking forward to seeing you on again soon.

We are so excited that the store is now open and that we can finally offer all the gay sex toys we have been writing about for so long. If a prostate massager is what you want then have a look but we also have soooo many more products available, all to make sure you get the best out of your gay sex toys experience.

We also have a newsletter that will get you all sorts of information, a prostate massager, gay dildo, butt plug, penis pump and more, it will all be included and we will have plenty of offers. So sign up now and you will not regret it.

Team esmale, essentially for men!

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