Get super clean in the shower with the StreemMaster Ultimate Anal Douche!

We do love a clean bum at esmale! We can also guarantee that anyone trying to enter you from behind will want one too. We firmly believe that having a douche prior to any form of anal play is essential. You will feel more confident too in the knowledge that you’re nice and clean.

We have already produced a good few blogs on the subject of the anal douche and provided a number of reviews of the douche products that we are proud to bring to you at our new online store. Check them out at!

The StreemMaster Ultimate Anal Douche

StreemMaster Ultimate Anal Douche

The StreemMaster Ultimate Anal Douche is one of the best selling douche kits on the market. Not only will it get you nice and clean where you really need to, but you can do it in the shower. How cool is that?!

The Douche kit is so simple to use and can be fitted onto any shower head in seconds. The quality silicone reservoir comes in a range of colours :red, black and white. Connected to the reservoir is a more than adequate 6 foot hose and there are two nozzle options :Standard and Comfort. The water pressure through the douche can be controlled via a 12 position control clamp that is fixed to the hose.

Once you have enjoyed yourself in the shower and had the ultimate experience with your StreemMaster douche, is can be taken down from the shower in seconds and folded away. The Douche folds away to a compact size and there’s even a handy storage bag.

Esmale always recommends using plenty of a good quality water-based lube for all of our anal toys. We have a large range of lube available at our new online store.

Do you agree that this is the Ultimate Anal Douche? Do you have another favourite? Let us know by dropping us a mail at

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