Prostate massager, secret fun club!

If you are a butt plug man. you might know what it is like wearing one secretly in public. This now applies to a prostate massager. A prostate massager from Aneros you can use without hands. This is the best fun you can have I promise. A prostate massager will be your best new travel companion. The other day I took the jump and joined the prostate massager traveller club. I was in the UK and woke up early to do some shopping in town and thought about the new prostate massager I just received. I do a lot of naughty thinking in the morning you see.

This prostate massager was for a beginner so it was nice and small and it can be used without hands. I decided to wear it for my UK shopping trip and give it a test ride. With a little lube this prostate massager was in place without any trouble and I started my journey. I have had Aneros products before and know you get your money worth. As I was walking to the tube (UK underground) I could feel my prostate being very nicely stimulated and I was smiling all the way. When I got on the tube I realised it was peak hour and I had to squeeze myself on it. This is when the pleasure totally started, the movements of the tube in combination with the muscle contractions I was doing felt sensational, I could hardly keep a straight face (imagine the scene)! The prostate massager was doing its magic and I felt so naughty in a really nice way. I thought if only you all knew!  By the time I arrived at Oxford Circus I skipped to the first Starbucks and went to the toilet. I just had to finish myself off and take out the prostate massager as I could not handle it anymore. My goodness it was totally brilliant!

Aneros Prostate Massager


I won’t advise international travel like this. Can you imagine if the security scan on the airport shows your prostate massager, embarrassing or what! Also, you might not want to “wear” a metal prostate massager going for a night out in case the metal detector goes off, unless you enjoy a good frisking!

Pleeeease let us know your travelling prostate massager and butt plug stories! Email them to, we would love to publish them with your permission and a possible edit.

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