Anal douche, real mean cleaning machine!

Anal douche, keeping clean is one of our mission statements at esmale UK. This does not only apply to keeping our office and warehouse clean but also to your bum! Get an anal douche and give it a good clean guys! This makes anal play so much nicer! We are fully aware some of you like it brown (please warn beforehand) but for those of you who don’t, I would suggest getting the anal douche from Rascal called “Anal douche deep cleansing kit”

Anal Douche deep cleansing kit

This anal douche works like a treat and is very user friendly! The extra large water reservoir ensures that there is enough water and its force creates deep and thorough internal cleaning! With the bumpy slip on this anal douche will also give you some pleasure whilst cleaning. Who would have thought you can have fun whilst cleaning your bum, we love it! The 3 utensils that are included make sure that this anal douche is also good value for money.


Anal douche deep cleansing kit

Here is a bit more information:

Anal douche Measurements:

The anal douche squeeze bulb: 10 inch circumference, 6.5 inch length

The screw on attachments: 5.5 inch and 4 inch length

Anal douche Sleeve: 5.5 inch length, 3 inch circumference

How the materials of this anal douche feel:

  • Made of Plastic
  • Flexibility: Firm
  • Colour: Black
  • Waterproof? Submersible
  • Does not contain latex
  • Does not contain phthalates

There you are, now you know everything about this anal douche and there is no reason anymore to not clean your pleasure passage!

Not only is the esmale gang keen on a clean bum we also like to see bums being used! This is one of the reasons we have available all these gay sex toys! Even though we try and look for all the best gay sex toys out there, there is a chance we might have missed an anal douche or two. If you want us to use and review something please email us on We also encourage you to send in your own reviews and we will publish it with your permission and maybe a little edit if required.

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