Gay toys, sexy little monsters!

Of course gay toys are not really monsters, but some of them do really surprise me! I have enjoyed gay toys that are super small but have given me so much pleasure, it is freaky, hence the monster reference. Now that I have cleared up my monster reference I can freely talk to you about some gay toys that have given me more pleasure than I thought they would. I am going to focus on two gay toys and the first one is a prostate massager by Aneros. Say hi to the Aneros MGX.

Gay Toys, Aneros MGX

Prostate massagers are part of my favourite gay toys. This one is only 4 inches but my goodness it had me rolling around the bed like a man possessed! It was giving my prostate so much tender love and care that my orgasm was heard for miles. These are the kind of gay toys that I love testing. Unexpected and surprisingly amazing!

The next one of the gay toys in the top two list comes from Oxballs and it is the Splitsling cock ring.

Gay Toys, Oxballs Splitsling Cock Ring

These gay toys are fabulous. They fit around your balls and bottom of your shaft so nicely that the blood stream stays within the erect penis. This keeps it rock hard, full of blood and highly sensitive. These gay toys gave me the horn so much so that I came way too early but I just could not hold it any longer! Oxballs have really outdone themselves with these gay toys, excellent!

In general, we at the esmale offices have not yet been disappointed with any of the gay toys that have come from Oxballs or Aneros. These guys really know how to make gay toys for gay boys and men!

Every week we get gay toys sent to us. Most of these gay toys we test and blog about. If you have any gay toys you want us to blog about please let us know. In addition we are happy to post your blogs on gay toys with your permission and a potential edit from us.

We also have a great newsletter full of news on gay toys and anything that is related to this. We aim to provide you with what you want, so please let us know. You can email us at

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