Swiss Navy – our top choice for lube!

Swiss Navy are one of the new kids on the lube block and have become an instant favourite with the team here at esmale. We really love the product packaging and marketing and the quality of the product and ingredients is really second to none. Swiss Navy is most certainly a lube, which we at esmale are exciting to be carrying at our inline store when we open in the autumn at

Swiss Navy premium lube are made from the finest ingredients and fall into three basic lube categories – Water based, Silicone and water based flavours for that extra twist!

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the great Swiss Navy Lube products available

Swiss Navy Water Based Lube

Swiss Navy Water Based Lube



This premium lube from Swiss Navy comes in 4 pump action sizes ranging from 2oz, 4 oz, 8oz and 16oz. There’s even a travel size addition, so that you can have your Swiss Navy lube with you at all times! What we really love about this water based lube here at esmale HQ, is that Swiss Navy really seem to have got their formula right. This lube has a great consistency and slickness to it. Swiss Navy also package their goods brilliantly and their lube comes in a leak proof bottle with a great pump action top. The travel size lube comes with a flip top.

Swiss Navy Water based travel lube



The benefit of a water based lube is that they are condom friendly and they don’t tend to be too messy to clean up as the skin tends to absorb the lube (lube and moisturiser in one!). You may have to reapply the lube because of this during your play. If you want some thing longer lasting, then try out the Swiss Navy Silicone Lube.


Swiss Navy Silicone Lube

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube



The Swiss Navy Silicone lube is packaged and sized exactly the same as the Swiss Navy Water based lube, with the exception of its contents. The Silicone ingredient makes this the lube of choice for those guys wanting a little extra stamina from their lube. Since the silicone formula will not be absorbed, which is the case with the water-based Swiss Navy Lube, you’ll be free to enjoy your play without having to re-apply.

Swiss Navy Silicone Lube travel size



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