Dave goes anal with Aneros!

Yeah, I have had my next assignment from the boys at esmale HQ! I thought they had forgotten about me as I have had not received anything for a while, and then some anal toys from Aneros found their way into my PO Box. Anal toys, my favourite! I have not heard of Aneros to be honest but that is probably just me. These anal toys are packaged beautifully and the Aneros brand makes a great first impression.

Aneros, anal toys, starter kit


The first good impression lasted for about 10 seconds till I read the Aneros packaging. It says starter kit, WTF!! Why would they send me a starter kit? Do they not know who I am, I have been playing with anal toys since, well…… ever I guess. After cursing the esmale boys for their practical joke, very funny guys, I open up the anal toys from Aneros, that are supposed to pleasure me. I am happy to encounter some lube that seems to be included. The Aneros product feels good. They’re not just any anal toys, it is a prostate massager, and that is new to me. Maybe a starter kit was not so bad after all. It just looks so small and I am more of a greedy kinda anal toys user.

Anyway, let’s get down to business. These anal toys are great to use on your own so I am getting myself in the mood and all comfortable. The lube seems fine and I am ready for my Aneros insertable. Before all this, I did read the instructions on how to use it and what it could do. It’s very different from a gay dildo.

With the Aneros in place, I am starting to play with myself, and slowly getting a sense of stimulation around my prostrate. After a while I was rolling on the bed getting it off with myself and I definitely felt some extra stimulation from the Aneros starter kit! As an experienced anal toys user, they should have sent me a more advanced one. For guys that are starting to play with anal toys, this is great. I need something slightly more adventurous to get me completely going. It was fun and rewarding but I am going have a look at the completer anal toys range from Aneros, and get the one that is more in line with my level of experience.

All in all, the quality was great and it has opened my mind to a prostate massager, but I am afraid a starter kit is not totally doing it for me!

Time for me to go and wait for the next gay sex toys delivery.

Dave, gay sex toys user extraordinaire.

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