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We are always looking to source the very best gay sex toys out there at esmale and are dedicated to bringing you the best gay toys to suit every guy out there. We have already posted a number of blogs on our recommendations for penis pumps, which you can find in our Penis Pumps section of the blog site. If you are a busy guy and always on the go, or do a lot of travelling and also want to keep up your penis pump regime to maximise the size of your penis, then this penis pump may be just the product for you!

Travellers Versa Automatic Penis Pump Kit

Travellers Versa Automatic Penis Pump Kit


This is a great Penis Pump if you are a guy on the go, although you can use it equally as effectively at home. This penis pump is totally wireless but contains all the power you will need to pump yourself up to your maximum penis size. All you need to do with this penis pump is slip your penis inside the cylinder and the automatic pump action will do the rest. Penis growth at the flick of a switch – how cool is that?!

Travellers Penis Pump


This is a truly superb penis pump for guys who travel. Most penis pumps out there need two hands to operate but this little beauty can be operated with just one, leaving you free to do whatever takes your fancy with the other! Coming in at 8 inches in length and 2 inches in diameter, this penis pump should be suitable for most all guys out there. The see-through cylinder fits easily on to the motor and with a single button to control the penis pump motor, in the contoured grip, you’ll soon be good to go!

Also included with this penis pump is an optional size adaptor to ensure the penis pump fits comfortably with any size guy. As if that wasn’t enough, you will also get three different sized cock rings to maintain and enhance your erection whilst you use the penis pump. To cap it all off, the penis pump also comes with a handy a discreet travel bag. This is truly the travelling mans penis pump!

Penis Pump Set Stats:

Inside Length: 8 inches

Entrance Diameter: 2 inches at entrance

Colour: Black

Material: Plastic

Does not contain latex

Does not contain phthalates

Penis Pump not waterproof

Controller: built in- push button

Power: 3 x AA batteries


At esmale, we consider the penis pump to be such an important gay sex toy, that we dedicate blogs to this great product and will be carrying a large range of penis pumps in our store at www.esmale.com, when we launch later in the autumn.

If you have any penis pump recommendations, or want to share your penis pump experiences with the team here at esmale, then please drop us a line at info@esmale.com, and we will be happy to share as a blog on the site.

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