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Penis pumps are a huge part of the gay toys industry, which is why I have selected 2 more penis pumps that I feel should be in your gay toys selection.

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Grow the size and strength of your penis with these very effective vacuum penis pumps, and make the most of what nature has given you! Isn’t this all we want from our gay toys. These penis pumps have a clear chamber allowing you to closely keep an eye on what’s going on inside. The soft ring, made of silicon, hugs your penis for the ideal fit, and a very good and enjoyable vacuum. The oval shaped pump and pressure release valve make it easy to use, and provide you with total control. These perfect penis pumps deliver great size and strength for you to have the manhood you want. Can gay toys get any better?

Penis Pumps, gay toys








The Bathmate penis pumps offer an innovative solution for any man wishing to grow the size and strength of the penis through gay toys. Through using the super power of hydraulics, Bathmate penis pumps can safely exert a far greater vacuum on the penis than many other penis pumps, forcing the Corpora Cavernosa to increase, creating good size increase in a minimum amount of time. The best part of these gay toys is that this can be achieved discreetly and pleasurably in the privacy of your very own bath or shower.

Penis Pumps, gay toys









When using the pumping suction valve of Bathmate penis pumps, water is used within the flask to condition and maximise the penis, coaxing larger, harder erections. The effect of the warm water is the best work-out a guy can give his manhood, helping to stimulate circulation and improve blood flow throughout the penile tissue, as well as the pelvic area.

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