Super Silky masturbation from the Tenga Egg Silky

Having already provided a number of general Tenga Egg reviews about this revolutionary masturbator gay sex toys from the Japanese toy maker, here’s the rundown on the super silky sensuous Tenga Egg Silky

TENGA Egg Silky

Tenga Egg Silky

Tenga Egg Silky

Tenga Egg Silky



As with all the products in the Tenga Egg range, each Tenga Egg, once revealed from it’s plastic shell, can stretch to over 4 times it’s original length, so don’t be disappointed when you crack open the Egg – it really can stretch to accommodate the biggest of boys out there and provide you with knee-trembling sensations and a fantastic orgasm – guaranteed!

The Tenga Egg Silky is so-called as it has numerous layers of ribs inside it’s sleeve, which when you put your penis into the Tenga Egg Silky and start on your journey, gently massages your penis with an almost silky touch. It really does deliver incredible sensations. As with all the Tenga Eggs, the Tenga Egg Silky comes supplied with its own Tenga Lube, to provide an even smoother and silkier experience. Of course, you can use your own lube with the Tenga Egg Silky, so crack open your Liquid Silk or Swiss Navy and you’ll be on your way to the ultimate climax!

The Tenga Egg Silky, whilst being only a 2.5 inch gay sex toy, can stretch to a maximum length of 12 inches with a generous girth of 8 inches, so this little beauty will fit almost any guy out there and is the perfect toy for you, your partner and due the Tenga Egg’s fairly innocuous look, it can be used at home or as the perfect travel toy.

The Tenga Egg is designed as a single-use product but with careful cleaning and care, it should be good for a few more good sessions!


Colour: White

Opening type: Stealth

Internal diameter: 0.5 inches

Internal Length: 2.5 inches


Texture: Continual lined pattern

Material: Realistic feel

Contains Latex

Does not contain phthalates


The Tenga Egg Silky represents an eggcellently priced gay sex toy, which despite its design as a single use toy, will provide you with many hours of enjoyment, which represents excellent value for money.

We will be carrying many more products from the great TENGA range and there will be further blogs featuring some of our favourites!

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