Liquid silk, ID Glide or Tenga Hole Lotion.

At esmale we are always championing the best products, and that includes our lube ranges!

No doubt that Liquid Silk had been our best seller for a long time, both the 50ml and the 250 ml of Liquid Silk go like crazy!

Liquid Silk 50ml

Liquid Silk 250ml

But after reviewing ID Glide and the Tenga lube ranges, we have seen a surge in sales and repeat buys. The Liquid Silk domination seems to be almost over.

Tenga Lubes are especially kicking arse at the moment, or should that be sliding arse.

Tenga Real Lotion 170ml


The above shown Tenga lube is the closest to beating Liquid Silk 250ml. This quality TENGA lubricant was designed for use with Tenga toys, but really it is equally great for use with other gay sex toys, or on yourself! You can see why the Tenga lube is rivalling Liquid Silk. Now how about ID Glide.


ID Glide - Various sizes




Formulated from high quality ingredients, ID Glide is a water-based lubricant, designed to enhance the pleasure and comfort of those most intimate moments. If you want a natural feeling lubricant for use with your partner, or with gay sex toys, ID Glide also ticks these boxers, like Tenga and Liquid silk. It provides that extra glide and slide that people enjoy for smooth sex! It is a non-sticky, non-staining, sensually slippery lubricant, serving you and any gay sex toys very nicely!

To me these lubes are equally good. Historically I have always bought Liquid Silk. This was only because it has been around for so long, and I do think the caps used by Liquid Silk are superior. I must say that visually I love the look of the Tenga lube and also the ID glide range looks a bit more appealing, compared to Liquid Silk. But then, it is what you do with it that matters!

One observation I have made is that Liquid Silk, ID Glide and Tenga are all water based lubes. I am not sure how to interpret that fact as I believe silicone lube to be great as well, but “numbers” at the moment tell us that water based lube are most popular.

Are you a Liquid Silk or Tenga fan? or are there other lubes you feel are even better? Let us know at For all the latest news and offers on all gay sex toys, please sign up to our newsletter.

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