How to grow your penis, part 2

How to grow your penis? In these blogs we are looking at several ways on the subject of how to grow your penis. We will be tackling penis pumps, penis exercises, cock rings and many other gay toys that will contribute to the question of, how to grow your penis.

There are already a few blogs on penis pumps, penis exercises and cock rings on , so please check them out.

It is very important to warm up before penis exercises. This makes the stretching and growing of the penis easier, and warming up takes no time at all. When using penis pumps or cock rings , instead of penis exercises, there is no need to warm up.

These penis exercises are to answer the question of how to grow your penis, but we will also dedicate a few penis exercises blogs on other penis related themes, such as how to minimise a bend in your penis.

The internal stretch – the goal is to get a longer larger penis. So this is how to grow your penis.


When doing these penis exercises please have a 0-50% erect penis.

  • Make sure you sit comfortably and spread your legs apart.
  • Arrange a gentle, yet firm-ish grip around your penis and scrotum. Don’t hold the actual testicles, it should be at the base with your penis and testicles not included in the grip, please see image.



  • With one hand, stretch the penis and testicles upwards toward your face.



  • With the other hand at the same time take your penis an inch below the glans and also pull upwards





  • Hold both hands in place for 20 to 30 seconds and repeat about 5 times.


More penis exercises will follow, on how to grow your penis. In general, we do advise to keep these penis exercises up, and do them regularly.

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