The esmale guide to using a douche

The douche has become a necessary part to many gay men’s toy box, especially if you bottom! But recent research suggests that whilst many people use anal douches or enemas simply for hygiene purposes, some gay men get off on the sensuality and the feeling it creates when using it.

What does it do?

The basic idea is to deposit water into the anus and rectum to aid the removal of any compacted faeces or poo. Once clean, you can avoid any ‘messy’ situations that may arise before inserting your favourite sex toys or having anal sex.

What’s the difference between a douche and an enema?

Simply, it’s the amount of water they hold and exactly how far they clean.

A douche features a bulb that can hold between 100ml and 400ml of water.

An enema generally has a bag for holding the water and will need between 400ml and 2 litres of water to fill it up. These kits are designed to clean and flush out the intestinal tract as well as the rectal passage, this method guarentees a more thorough clean.

What should I choose?

We recommend a douche, if playing with your favourite toy or preparing for anal sex. Enemas are more commonly prescribed within the hospital profession.

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How best to Use Your Anal Douche

1) Rinse your douche, just to make sure it’s clean before use.

2) Fill the bulb up with water. Depending on the design this can be done by removing the tip and running it directly under the tap or by squeezing the bulb in a container of water, allowing the suction to suck the water in.

3) Don’t forget to lubricate the douche and your anus.

4) Gently insert the tip, once in, gently squeeze the bulb of the douche which will result in the water being dispensed into the rectum. We recommend you do this over the toilet or in the shower. The water will gently clean you, removing any waste material.

5) Remove the douche gently then use your rectal muscles to push the water out in to the toilet.

6) Repeat this process until the water being ejected runs clear.

A Few Tips

– Check the temperature of the water and test before hand to ensure it is luke warm.

– Use your anal douche around 30 minutes before anal play, and ensure you have ejected all the water.

– Using a douche can remove the natural lubrication in the anus so it is important to use plenty of lubricant before anal sex.

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