How to use penis pumps and get a bigger penis!

How to use penis pumps and get a bigger penis

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Penis pumps do actually work. They can correct dysfunctions and in some instances they have actually enlarged penises. Whilst I mentioned they do sometimes work, penis pumps have not actually been proven to make a penis bigger. A very good and proven use for penis pumps is to reach and maintain a bigger erection. Penis pumps are considered a good alternative to stimulant products, such as Golden Root.

As for the use of penis pumps, they are more user-friendly than they look. Penis pumps are cylindrical pumps. When the cylinder is placed over the penis, a vacuum is created around the penis. This fills the penis with blood and expands it, making it temporarily harder and larger, and ready for action!

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Before using penis pumps, always read the instruction and follow them. Here are some general guidelines to follow when using penis pumps:

  • Most penis pumps have a ring around the bottom to help seal the pump and to protect the penis against chaffing. Start by lubricating your penis with liquid silk or another good lube.
  • Put your penis in the pump through the ring.  Trimming you pubic hair can prevent the pump from making a good seal.
  • Now you can start pumping the provided hand-held device or push the button on the electric pump that does this for you.
  • You will now feel the creation of suction and drawing blood in the area. The penis will get bigger, thicker and more swollen. This will take about 3-5 minutes to do so.
  • Now you can take your penis out of the pump. Your penis will be bigger until the end of your orgasm, and will go back to its normal size and shape after this!

So now that you know how to use penis pumps, please enjoy them! Make sure you read the instructions that come with your penis pump, as not all penis pumps work in the same way.

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