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At esmale we stock a vast range of performance enhancers specially formulated to help last longer in bed and prevent premature orgasm. Delay sprays and creams generally work by slightly numbing the penis and therefore reducing the sensations that bring about premature ejaculation.

We recommend:
Stud D-Lay Cream is a bestseller here at esmale. Simple to use, gently rub and massage the desired dose directly on to the head and shaft of the penis, normally between 5 and 15 minutes before intercourse, this will allow time for absorption to take place.

Use the minimum amount that is required to prevent any over-numbing! During intercourse you will notice a slightly reduced feeling but it will still be just as pleasurable. View the full range of delay sprays and creams available at esmale.

Performance Enhancers

Anxiety, stress and depression are all factors that can make it difficult to get and maintain an erection, but a herbal erection enhancer can relax the muscles of the penis, allowing blood to enter more freely into the otherwise constricted arteries, creating a strong and hard erection when aroused.

We recommend:
Golden Root Max Strength Sexual Enhancement is back by popular demand and returns with a new super-strength formula. The little blue pill has been tried by yours truly and let us tell you this was a huge success all round!

Golden Root claims to help improve male impotence and give you bigger stronger erections that last longer! Like we said this is a best selling stimulant amongst our customers – so who are we to disagree.

Golden Root is a fantastic alternative to prescription enhancers and stimulants such as Viagra but offers all of the benefits without the costs and side effects. View the full range of herbal erection enhancers at esmale.

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