Oxballs – fetishists rejoice!

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We love them! Made of super stretchy pure platinum silicone, Oxballs great range of cock rings and butt plugs will last forever. Each item is hand-made by Ox himself; he even tests his product range on his own balls (no lie)! Be sure to check out our entire range of Oxballs products.

FYI: Oxballs
OxballsOxballs cock ring is designed to give you a stronger erection and make your penis more sensitive to touch. This premium range of male sex toys are super stretchy, our bestselling cock ring is the Oxballs Cock Sling which is an all in one cock ring and ball stretcher. The Oxballs Range of male sex toys are made of hygienically superior TPR, a sturdy-yet-stretchy material designed to add girth and stamina to your penis.

London Fetish Week is fast approaching!
For all you Fetishists out there Oxballs is the perfect companion at London Fetish Week – imagine this you and your good buddy Tom of Finland all sweaty after a night at Ashley Ryder’s strip academy. Drunk as skunks, you stumble back to your hotel room for a night of old fashioned butt fucking. And to heighten the mood, you ‘pimp-your-prick’ with an Oxballs Mouth Cock Ring (a cock ring in the mold of a mouth) snugly around your rock hard erection and balls. If this sounds enticing then we have a cock ring for you!

Cock ring and butt plug in one
For those of you looking for a little more from your cock rings we recommend the Oxballs Spark Plug Ass-lock. Designed for guys who like a little anal action too. The super stretchy Thermo Plastic Rubber grips the base of your cock and holds your balls in position. The connecting rod caresses your taint and provides a gentle massage while the sparkplug butt plug fills you up.

Each anal bead of the Sparkplug’s butt plug stretches from the other. You’ll feel it move and squirm with every thrust or tug. Trust me you won’t know what you hit you with this anal toy.

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