Aneros, the prostate massager from heaven!

Aneros are the prostate massager ‘s extraordinaire, and that is, as far as I am concerned, a fact. Aneros use very intelligent design, and they do this so we can have the best orgasms in the world. How nice is team Aneros?

As far as the intense orgasm go, they really are intense. I started with the Aneros Peridise and would recommend any starter to do so. There are 4 Aneros products in this starter kit and they all have a different shape so you get real value for money. The width of each Aneros prostate massager is where the main difference is. It goes from 16mm to 22 mm and that does make a difference on how the prostate is massaged. The interesting thing is that the smaller Aneros will give you the most amazing pleasure.

Aneros, prostate massager

The sensations an Aneros can give you are improved as your skills evolve. Skilled Aneros users will be able to influence the thinner Aneros in such a way, it will give you a screaming orgasm. It is so worth it. I cannot recommend it enough!

I have experience a great sensation when I used two. I used the 22mm Aneros and let my body adjust to it before I entered the smallest Aneros, and I am sure the sound of joy travelled through the country when I came to my climax, OH MY F*****G GOD! It is so intense and you don’t want it to stop. For a moment there, you have left the planet, it really is that good. I call it the Aneros experience.

To start with I was not entirely convinced, and could not see how a small Aneros could give me more anal pleasure then a nice big gay dildo, but once I learned how to use an Aneros, I know that it totally can.

This Aneros starter kit is not the cheapest, but it is amazing value. Have a look at the Aneros selection we have in store for you and you will also see that some are in the big Christmas sale at the moment, so you can treat yourself.

Let us know how you have enjoyed it. We love customer experience stories and will publish them if you want us to! Don’t forget to use the code BLOG15 when you check out so you get 15% discount on your Aneros or other gay sex toys purchases.

Team esmale, essentially for men!

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