Penis pump, the P3 shaper.

I have written about many a Penis Pump, but today I am extra excited, as I have had the chance to use a penis pump called the “P3 Penis Pump”. I have heard many good stories about this Penis pump and now I have got it and have used it as well.

penis pump

penis pump

The P3 Penis Pump from Doc Johnson takes the enhancement of the penis enhancement to the next level. The cylinder of this penis pump is made of material that is pliable giving it great flexibility. What makes this penis pump stand out is that it comes with a size reduction ring so will form a good seal, no matter what size you are. The penis pump P3 also comes with a quick release valve that allows you to remove the penis pump without loosing the vacuum it creates. This makes it very comfortable and easy to use. You could even use this penis pump whilst watching the television, if you wanted to.

I used the penis pump when I was in bed and had some time to kill. After reading the instructions, I did indeed find that this penis pump was a lot easier to use than most. The suction it gives you is powerful and feels good. You can practically feel it grow, and isn’t that what we buy a Penis Pump for. I always like to use a bit of lube before engaging with a penis pump. It just makes it all that little bit smoother.

I had a great time using this penis pump and my erection was a good one, so it worked as well. I am totally for using a penis pump, as it works on many levels. One thing it will not do is hugely improve the size of your penis forever. A penis pump can improve it and it will certainly help give you a bigger, fuller erection, which is great and provides a huge boost when having sex.

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