Jockstrap, the leather one!

The jockstrap, oh how we love it. We have added to our collection a leather jockstrap. What do you guys think of the leather jockstrap?

I think it is the manliest thing a guy can wear! I love any jockstrap, but a leather jockstrap is just like ooommpphhhh!

leather jockstrap titus

Look at the jockstrap in this image. Do you not think that is HOT? If this guy was wearing a different jockstrap he would still look hot but the leather jockstrap just screams I AM A MAN!

Talking about hot men I came across this image I just have to share. I know it has absolutely nothing to do with a leather jockstrap but I am hoping you will forgive me from drifting away from the leather jockstrap topic just to ogle (is that a real word?) at this beautifully presented piece of man! It is almost like he wants us to look at him.

where is my jockstrap?

Back to the leather jockstrap, one of our favourites brands is Titus. We have a few in the esmale store for you to try when we open in October. The Titus leather jockstrap is 100% quality leather and sits so comfortably we love it. The first image in this blog is a Titus Jockstrap, so if you like what you see there, then come and check out the store.

In our jockstrap collection you will also find, Bike, Dirty fukker, Fist and Barcode!

We are mainly representing those jockstrap brands that have a sexy edge. Looking good is nice but looking HOT is great and that is what we are aiming for!

What do you think is hot, what type of jockstrap do you like to wear? The more information we have the better we can make sure we get the right jockstrap for you. You can email us all your jockstrap information to

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Team esmale, essentially for men!

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